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This webpage contains some NC-17 rated fiction and some slash fiction, so be prepared before you enter (by clicking on the picture to the right, drawn by Velesia). If it is not legal for you to view this kind of material, or if you just plain hate it, then do not enter.

All stories contained herein are based on characters from the Harry Potter books or on the real members of NSYNC. All Harry Potter characters belong to JK Rowling, Warner Brothers, etc, and all of the HP stories written by the authors of this webpage are fictional interpretations of these characters, not implying that what JKR has written is wrong in any way. No story written about the members of NSYNC are based on any sort of fact. Regardless of how they are portrayed by the authors of this webpage, there is no proof whatsoever that the members of NSYNC are gay, nor that they are involved in activities of shame, debauchery, and scandalous behaviour.

There is a wonderful picture on the next page by Velesia. It might be considered a bit racy (yet sad), so again, enter at your own risk.

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