He Liked, He Loved
By: Hazy Fairy Tale

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He Liked, He Loved

He Liked

Sirius liked many things. For instance, he liked ice cream. Oh yes, he definitely liked ice cream on a hot summer day or even in the cold of the winter. Whatever time of the year or whatever time of the day, he liked ice cream.

However, he liked Remus the best out of all things.

It had been after Remus bent over in front of him one day to retrieve a fallen quill he decided that he liked Remus. A lot, considering the reaction he had from looking at his male-- oh and he stressed the male part-- friend's arse right in front of him. He thought a cold shower was in order after that incident.

When he had cornered Remus in the hallway one afternoon, backing him up against the wall and pressing up against him, he decided he liked the whimpering sound that Remus made before shoving Sirius away and fleeing down the hallway.

And he liked the library. Oh yes, Sirius Black of all people actually preferred the library than any other room in Hogwarts. Mainly because that was where Remus always was and he liked to watch Remus as he read. It was not his fault that Madam Prince finally kicked him out after accusing him of stalking that "poor Lupin boy". Nor that she told him that he "should leave him be" and she took five points away from his house when he tried to argue.

But he decided that he liked Remus even more after Remus pounced on him one day as they were walking back to the common room after dinner and kissed him like the world was about to end. He liked the way that Remus' hair felt tangled in his fingers and the way that Remus pushed up against him. He liked the way that Remus had been undoing the clasps of his robe and nibbling-- suckling --on his neck before Lily Evans had to ruin it by giggling upon seeing them.

Nothing else mattered though. Because oh yes, he really liked it when Remus' hands were down his trousers. He liked the way that Remus touched him just right-- "Oh gods, yes right there"-- and he liked it when Remus growled possessively.

He liked the sounds of whimpers and moans that escaped Remus when Sirius had his hands on Remus. He liked that deep-throated growl he earned when he teased Remus. He definitely liked the sight of their clothes in heaps on the ground and they were just about to-- but James had to ruin that by stumbling in the dorm room, drunk on Firewhiskey after Lily turned him down again.

He liked that James and Peter had no problem with his relationship with Remus. He liked that he could hold Remus' hand in front of them and they would not even bat an eye at it unlike most of the other students. He liked that he could kiss Remus whenever he wanted in front of them.

When Remus had him alone in the dorm room and started to undress him, he liked that. They had the dorm room to themselves courtesy of James and Peter who had the decency to make themselves scarce for the night. He liked that Remus planned this.

As the sun filtered in through the curtains of Remus' bed, Sirius decided that he liked waking up in someone's arms wrapped tight around him. He liked the soft sound that Remus made when naked Remus turned and curled up against his bare chest.

He would stare at Remus during classes, losing many points by the annoyed professors, but he could care less. He liked to watch the way that Remus worried on his bottom lip when in deep thought or the way Remus' brow furrowed in concentration. He even liked the ink stains that covered Remus' fingers and hell, he even liked the disapproving glare that Remus gave him when the professor reprimanded him for not paying attention.

He always liked the way that Remus always took hold of his hand after class had ended as they filtered out into the hallway with the other students. He also liked to see that Lily also held James' hand.

Remus' bed was soft and comfortable, courtesy of a charm that Remus no doubt had used on it. He liked to sit on Remus' bed when he did his homework all the time. He liked that Remus sat with his back against the headboard, allowing Sirius just enough room to lay out on the bed with his head propped up against Remus' knee. He liked that Remus' fingers always drifted away from whatever he was writing or reading to thread through his hair and play with the black strands distractedly. He would close his eyes in content and sigh.

Yet, today was different as they did their homework. Remus was at the foot of the bed and Sirius could tell something was wrong because he had never seen Remus unable to concentrate on his work before. He frowned. He also knew something was wrong because Remus had not touched him once since they returned to the dorms. In fact, Remus had not touched him at all that day. He did not like the thought that Remus was trying to push him away.

When Remus snapped his book shut and looked up at him, he feared the worse. His heart was pounding madly in his chest when Remus stared at him, worrying his bottom lip, and looking as though he wanted to say something. Moreover, Remus did say something. The three words not more than a whisper and if he had not been listening carefully he would never have heard them.

"Sirius? Did you hear what I said?"

He blinked as he realized that he had not said anything in the past few minutes and Remus was looking more scared than before. He decided he did not like when Remus was scared of something. It was just not something that his Moony should be. Scared that is.

"I could take it back," Remus was mumbling. "I mean not take it back because that would mean lying because I do love you, but I could-- We could pretend it never happened. That I never said anything of that sortů"

He had to stop Remus from mumbling any more. That could really bother him sometimes. So he pressed his palms of his hands against Remus' cheek, drawing Remus' face near, and kissed him. He liked that Remus breathed a sigh of relief into the kiss.

When he pulled back just enough that he could look Remus in the eye and their breaths still mingled, he decided that he did not like Remus.

"Remus? I love you."

He loved.

Completed on Monday, February 09, 2004