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"I have things to see and people to do."

I have every intention of making this the longest rec page in history. I have so many stories that I've read that have made me laugh, cry, and feel generally exhausted from a range of emotions after reading that I could put here. Some I've forgotten over the years, particularly the NSYNC ones, and some I've just lost the links to, but I'll update this as I come across ones that I feel are worthy of being recommended. Most of the story recs will be slash, though not all. I've got this divided into three parts. Archives, for when you just want to search for the good stuff yourself. Story recs, which are the individual ones I particularly go back to again and again. And Links, for the pages that contain so many of the stories that I WOULD recommend individually if they weren't already all on the same site.

I have also started a Review Journal on It will contain more detailed reviews of fics. It'll also be updated faster than this page, as well as containing some fics that I might not put up here, only reason being that they are maybe new fics by old authors or a sequel to a fic already recced or something.


The SBRL Group-This is the largest group (that I know of) for Sirius/Remus lovers, readers, and writers. It's a great community, and so many stories are archived there that I couldn't possibly name all of the good ones. Must be 18 or something to join.'s the classic fanfiction archive. If you go to 'Books,' look up 'Harry Potter,' and then click on the two characters as 'Remus' and 'Sirius,' you should come up with a whole slew of fics, both het and slash. Be warned-there's some crap on there. A good indication of what to stay away from (for me) is if the summary has a bunch of grammatical errors. And there's no NC-17 allowed.
The Restricted Section-Speaking of NC-17, here's an archive that has TONS of it, all of the Harry Potter variety.
Azkaban's Lair-An archive of tons and tons of Remus/Sirius fics. And that's it. So if you love the pairing, a good place to start reading is here. Updated frequently, so you'll never run out of things to read. Unfortunately, it's the kind of archive where everyone can post anything, will find a lot of stories that you don't like on here.
The Howl Kingdom-More great Remus/Sirius fics. I don't know if all of these are on Azkaban's Lair, so I put the link here anyway. They've 'narrowed the field' to only a few great authors/fics, so it's a good place to go.
Fiction Alley-Four archives to choose from here, depending on your mood. All Harry Potter, all pairings, het and slash...the variety is one that you'll not find on any other Harry Potter fanfiction site. No NC-17, though.
The Sirius/Remus Fuh-Q-Fest-A Must-Go for Sirius/Remus fans. Features all NEW fics, some that you can't find anywhere else. There's going to be more than one wave, so stay tuned. The First Wave was a major success, and there's some great, great stories on there.
The Happy Valley Puppy Farm-Ah, yes. The home of Canis and her wonderful fics, including 'A Fearsome Business', which involves a little girl, a strange monster, and a "lay low at Lupin's" storyline that is like none other.
The Fuh-Q-Fest Registry-Speaking of FQF's, this has a lot of them all listed together. Like Harry/Snape? There's a FQF. Like Remus/James? It's here. Like fics dealing with booze? Got it. Go here for a specified FQF of what you fancy.
Up to No Good-More special authors are all featured on here. The NC-17 part requires a special link, but it's not a big process or anything. Some great stories on here, including many you can't/won't find elsewhere.
Mischief Managed-An archive that I really haven't delved into, yet, because I just recently stumbled upon it. It's Remus/Sirius, and the 'Barkive' (ha!) contains fanfics and fanart from many names that I recognise, but there's a few that I don't. I just thought I'd share. And I'm more active on this forum than any other-get to know DeeDee, Jo, Tori, and the rest of the bunch.
Erised-Hey, another 'Restricted Section'-type archive! There's no such thing as too much smut, in my humble opinion. A lot of the authors on here are also on other sites/archives, but it's still good to see a bunch in the same place.

Story Recommendations

Set On Fire-My absolute FAVORITE fic, aside from mysid's 'Go Back to Being Friends.' Remus and Sirius are both completely in character, and it's so hot and refreshing and wonderful and...*sigh*. I could read this fic a million times and never get bored with it. Rochefort not only has the talent to create a completely believable setting (this one being the first time the up) but also has the sense of mind to make each of the two completely male. They ACT like males in this story, which is unlike most slash stories I've seen. No 'effeminate Remus' here. In this short story, Sirius is helping Remus pack up to move into the flat he shares with James. The two are alone, and although nothing has ever happened between them in school, Sirius wants Remus as, well, more than a friend. Really, if I had to pick one story to send to every single person on earth, it would be this one. I don't see how you could NOT be a Remus/Sirius fan after reading this.
Ephemeris-This is a fairly new fic that I came across through another rec page. And I'm extremely glad I did-this one shot up to my top ten, and quite possibly even my top FIVE favorite fics list. It's beautiful and heartbreaking and I just can't even gather my thoughts around it coherently enough about it to give it the proper sort of recognition it deserves. It's a Remus/Sirius pre-OotP story, one where they get together for the first time in that period. It captures the personalities brilliantly, and it really tightens your chest when you read and remember the inevitable outcome that follows in the not-so-distant future from the open ending. God, just go there now-it's worth the read.
Cave Canem and Choosing the Head Boy-Both are excellent. Both are works in progress. And both are by JKLB. Yes, the same JKLB that's hosted on this site-she was understandably unwilling to let WIP's go up on a website. But since she didn't want that, I thought I'd post both links here. Both stories are MWPP fics, and both are het. 'Cave Canem' captures the perfect growing amount of distance between Sirius and Remus pre-Azkaban, maybe more so than any other fic I've read. 'Choosing the Head Boy' focuses mostly around James during his Hogwarts years, and his relationship with Lily. I definitely recommend both stories strongly, and maybe with enough feedback/reviews/pleads to continue, JKLB will finish with the spectacular endings that they so rightly deserve. Great, great friendship fics.
Thing-Beautiful and breathtaking and just excellent all around-this one is probably on everyone's rec. page, and for good reason. Set aside a good hour and take your time-you'll be engrossed in the first paragraph. Remus and Sirius just BELONG together, and this'll make you a believer if you aren't one already.
Well Worth the Wait-I didn't think I would like this. I mean, I'm not a big fan of prostituting!Remus during the dark years, but this story is well done. The time jumps from the present (post-Azkaban) to the past (during Hogwarts), and this involves Sirius and Remus first getting together in middle age. A wonderfully long and smile-worthy story.
The Ambiguously Gay Werewolf-A het story...maybe. Jack Ichijouji is the author, one I don't know, and he swears he's a straight guy. I totally believe him, which just makes that fact that he can write a story like this cute little MWPP-era one even better. Just brilliant. Sirius and James attempt to figure Remus out.
Going Postal-This story is a het one, first of all. Second of all...I absolutely love Remus in this one. He's the other main character, apart from Caro Diggory, a character that was borrowed from A.L. de Sauveterre over at the Sugar Quill. And what a job tybalt-quin does with shaping not only Caro and Remus (the pairing, by the way, though by chapter 23 they're still not 'together', which makes it even better), but also Moody, Dumbledore, Mundugus Fletcher, and various other assorted characters. Well worth the time to get into it-you'll be hooked within a chapter or two. The only bad part is that it's still a WIP.
The 'Draco' Trilogy-*squeak* This trilogy, comprised of 'Draco Dormiens', 'Draco Sinister', and 'Draco Veritas', is the epitomy of humor and one of the most likeable fanfic Draco's ever. He's snarky, he's sarcastic, he drips funny anecdotes that may sound a little familiar, and the relationship between him and Harry is so binding and completely believable (this is a het fic). Don't worry, Remus and Sirius fans-they're featured very prominently (though both straight) starting in DS, and the way they interact more than satisfies even the biggest slash fan, while still eliciting cheer over the otherwise odd pairing of Sirius/Narcissa. Lucius is evil, Slytherin is alive again, Draco is impressed with Harry's 'package', Hermione snogs a multitude of boys, and poor Ron is shunted to the side more than a few times. Oh, yeah-Ginny's in there, too, and she becomes important. A must-read for any Harry Potter fan. You'll laugh yourself silly.
The 'Psychic Serpent' Series-And here's another long-ass story that's so complicated that you'll lose track of little details until they appear 30 chapters later. Seriously-this whole story is so intricate and moving and just wonderful. I wasn't hooked at first-I'm not a big fan of Hermione/Harry, and that's practically the first paragraph. But once you get into This is a bit of a spoiler, but they don't *stay* together-Hermione ends up with who she really belongs with (in my opinion, of course). The entire story focuses on Harry's POV (like canon), and Barb has the excellent ability to keep him completely in character. Be forewarned-only go here if you enjoy a long story. I mean, really long-you won't finish in one sitting. Each chapter is, as I think she put it once, 30 Microsoft Word pages long. The first three stories are part of the trilogy, and 'The Lost Generation' goes back in time to the MWPP years. Everything fits so perfectly, too-her OC's are all blended very well with the established canon characters. Really, if you have loads of time, go and get into this. I found myself thinking about this story when I was in the middle of 'Time of Good Intentions' (my favorite part of the trilogy), and that, my friend, is the sign that a story has really got you by the balls. If, of course, you have them. :)
Beyond the Veil-This has got to be THE best 'ressurrection' fic. A very believable way to bring Sirius back, a heart-stirring amount of love from Remus, and an in-character but helpful Snape are all part of this story. I cried forever while reading, so bring some tissues. Helene has the ability to wrench tears from the eyes of even the toughest butch, I believe. I give her props, man.
When the Darkness Broke In-An epic story (with only ten chapters so far!) that takes place post-GoF. The Harry/Draco parts are nice to someone like me, who usually doesn't like the pairing. But the thing that grabs me about this story is how the Remus/Sirius stuff is revealed. It put me on the edge of my seat as I read (a few chapters in) about the way that the two as a couple is established in this story-it's unlike any other that I've read. And I LOVE it. Alfie also has some other great little short stories at the Astronomy Tower like 'What Remus Wants,' where a Potions accident leads to Sirius being able to hear something he shouldn't.
Off the Wrist-I already have Achromatic, Victoria's site, linked, but this story made me cry this morning, and, well...I had to link it separately. It's beautiful, a OotP-time story where Remus and Sirius are still alone in 12 Grimmauld Place, only a few days before the Weasleys move in. Things happen, strong emotions are felt, a realization occurs, and both Sirius and Remus are so dead-on-character that it made me ache for more canon HP books and a different ending to OotP, because there is now no possible way for anything, like what takes place in this sad-yet-happy story, to occur. This shot right up to my favorite story of Victoria's, and I haven't even read all of them, yet. But I will.

Links's personal webpage. Her stories are most satisfying. 'Two Guys and a Mandrake' will make you laugh, 'The Suitcase' will make you sigh, and 'Something Borrowed' will make you gasp at the obsurdity of Petunia trying to get to Sirius' goods. Go bug her about 'Marauder's: 7th Year', too-it's a WIP, frustratingly. I really hope for more from her.
Achromatic-Victoria P.'s site. Her stories are very heart-stopping. She writes emotions around Sirius' death as if she wants you to cry about it, and you do, because she has the ability to make it real (unlike canon, where it happened so fast that you wondered if you had skipped a few lines.) I particularly like 'Mother Knows Best' and 'All the Sinners, Saints.'
Robin's 'Unbroken' Universe-She also has a Yahoo group, but you can find the link to it here if you wish to join. That being said...she has not only the 'Unbroken' universe, which dwells on the 'What If?' scenario that Sirius remained the Secret Keeper, but also several other stories like 'Death Before Dishonor' (a finished series focused on Harry) and 'July' (an angsty short story, where Remus says goodbye).
Nutters Inc.-Raina and Leandra's site, the home of the 'Veil of Possibilities' challenge, as well as more than several lovely Remus/Sirius stories (and other fandoms). I loved 'Detention,' where the two decide to make their punishment go by faster by doing something extremely naughty, and 'With Dreams of Yesterday,' a story that made me cry. Er...embarrassing, isn't it?
Glitterati-Pru's home. And my God, what a home it is-her fiction is SO brilliant. Everyone's rec'd 'Levity,' for good reason. A drunk, "drooling" Remus, a slow-to-realize-his-homosexuality Sirius, and a story that jumps back and forth in time so seamlessly that you'll wonder how she ends when she does. Also, there's 'Vector,' a new one where the only thing that happens is that Sirius slowly recaps his feelings for Remus. It's just lovely. Her other stories are just as good, too. Go check it out!
Scarlet Dreams-Lia Doran's site. She's the one who put the front page's lovely graphic together with Velesia's artwork. Her site doesn't have a lot of fics, but the ones that are there are worth going to read. Her 'Don't You Forget About Me' is touching, a nice little sad Remus/Sirius fic where Remus spends most of the story angsting about Sirius not being seen in London. Set after GoF.
Thistlerose's Fan Fiction-*moans* Oh, man, of COURSE I have to add this link. Thistlerose is SO good at jerking emotions out of you left and right as you read, from aching sadness to full-out laughter ('PS...' is my favorite example; it's a story where Harry gets a letter from Sirius that was written before he was born, and it's truly heart-wrenching and wonderfully funny and clever). She wouldn't let me buy her, but if I had my way, she would be sitting here writing me stories forever. Go and read everything she has-her 'AU' story arc (starting with 'Many Moons Revisited') brings up a brilliant idea and tells of the immense love between Remus and Sirius, 'The Routine' has the perfect outsider's view of them, and the 'Midnight Conversations' are all just some of the best stories ever written in the HP fandom, ever. Do yourself a favor and immerse yourself in the flowing words and descriptions-you'll thank me profusely for directing you there if it's your first time.
Envious-I should have added this link upon the arrival of this site. Anna's fiction is cute and sad and hilarious, all depending on what you read. And all of it's well-written. It's NSYNC slash at its finest. My favorite stories are 'The Fish Bowl Incident' (er, weirdo MPreg's funny as hell), 'Little Joe in the Snow' (touching and angsty and I remember the first day I read it, gasping at its intensity-a drug story that breaks hearts), and 'Dirk' and 'Pickle' (shorts that KIND of go together-they're both pet stories that crack me up). If you've never tried NSYNC slash before (since most of the people on this page are HP writers/readers), this is a good place to start.
Minx's Stories-Ah. Minx's 'Lost Feeling' series is, to me, the best-written, HOTTEST images of sex and some of the most heart-wrenching angst in the world of Remus/Sirius slash fiction. If I ever have a moment where I just want to read a hot sex scene, I go here to read just one story out of her series. The whole story itself is incredible-it follows the progression of where Remus and Sirius get together to a post-Azkaban, post-GoF reality that does not follow the end that OotP does. Remus' past is so interestingly told by Minx's writing, not only by the words told by Remus himself but the descriptions. 'Sensation' is beautiful, 'Dead Till I Be With Him' makes you well up with emotion for the two, and 'Train in Vain' is my favorite, a turning point for the pairing that makes the chapters that follow flow into a pattern of hot sex and loving moments, not a bit of it fluffy. I recommend all lovers of NC-17 rated steaminess to try her stories out, for she is, in my opinion, the Queen of Remus/Sirius Shag Scenes.
Vault 711-*wails* Rynne put this link up on her LJ, and I had never seen the site before. So once I hit it, I was instantly transported to two stick figures that were eerily familiar. Not only that, but it made me laugh. The site is just comic after comic of this little stick figures, with a whole separate section for Remus/Sirius (but there's other HP ones, too), and wow, are they funny! I at LEAST chuckled on every single one, and I was afraid I'd wake the house (it's 6:30am here now) by laughing out loud on more than several. Try this one for starters. It's a general one, not slashy, but funny nonetheless. And then take a look at this one. You'll get the gist of the site by that and the front page alone. Barbara's humor is clever and witty, and I think everyone should stop by her site and take a look. Thanks, Rynne!
Casira's Fics-I meant to add this ages ago. Casira is one of those established writers that has long since found herself hounded by loyal readers like me with glowing reviews. And they are all, of course, well deserved. She writes Remus/Sirius mostly, but there's others here...there's even Hermione/Remus, which is a pairing that you don't find often enough. Or I don't, at least. I highly recommend All Through the Night (which is my favorite), a fic about the start of the Hogwarts choir (as seen in the PoA trailor). I have not seen an HP fic that delves into this, so hers stands out. Her writing, of course, would have made it my favorite choir-fic, anyway. I also recommend The Best Man, which is the first story that I ever read by her (and got me hooked). Go witness the brilliance!
Pretty Little Oojahs-Sam Vimes' site, with fics of various fandoms. Don't know what the title means, but some great stuff is there, including Stealing Harry, a wonderful WIP (AU) about two men (yup, our Remus and Sirius) and a black-haired little boy with a strange scar. His pairings also vary, from straight to het, from Remus/Tonks to Remus/Sirius, and all is interesting and wonderful. Sam's writing is descriptive yet direct, and it's the perfect example of what you'd expect from a male fanfiction author. You won't regret taking a look!
Padfoot...Snuffles-This site is Black's fansite. Very pretty things to look at here, as well as some interesting things. Take a look at the "clues" section - there's some things there that will get you to thinking and running for your copy of OotP. Very suspicious indeed.
Autumn Breeze-This is an ART site and not a fiction site! All Akiko Hiromoto's artwork - and what beautifully detailed artwork it is. I don't frequent art sites that much, but I was cruising around on google one day after typing "Remus Lupin" into the box and I came across a picture that was just stunning, to say the least. After going to another website first and THEN to hers, I looked around the site a little and emailed her straightaway. The rest is history - she allowed me to use her art on this site and she even drew me a picture, which is the one up on my Harry Potter story page. She loves Sirius/Remus, so a fellow slash lover that draws so beautifully can't possibly be wrong in my eyes. Go check out her site and show some love! Multiple fandoms' artwork there, including LotR and Final Fantasy.