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NEW for July 8, 2006: Wow, it's been a long time! I don't have any new stories, but I recently picked some of them back up, and they're ... coming. Hopefully. In the meantime, I've put one new ficlet up on my page -- I wrote it long ago, but I never put it up anywhere except Livejournal, so I thought that I'd torture you all with it. Hit me up with any questions or comments or whatever at my Livejournal or email!

NEW for October 9, 2005: I'm not dead, sorry to say for you folks. I can still bore you to death with my stories! Yay! I've been terribly busy with graduating college and job stuff, which is why I haven't written a thing lately. But something wonderful has happened -- my stories can now be inflicted upon the French! Leagatha has offered to translate some of my stories into a language that can only make them better -- you can find both Remus Loses His Virginity and The Right Decision on her FF.net page, if you feel so inclined to read the two stories in another language. You can find links to the French versions on each story page, as well. In the meantime, I really am working on some more stories, and my email address is still checked regularly. Hit me up if you have any questions.

NEW for October 1, 2004: Three new stories today, with more coming. All three were written for the Moonstar: Sirius/Remus Fuh-Q-Fest. Two by mysid and one by me. Go check them out, and don't forget to review at the bottom! Especially if you have a Livejournal!

NEW for August 12, 2004: Hello! I was gone for six weeks (thanks to Hazyfairytale for looking after the site) and this is the first HP story I've written since I've come back. It's here on my HP page. Also, the other update is that I'm going to move the feedback system to Livejournal. All of us authors on Midnight Musings has one, as does most people we know in this fandom, so I thought it'd be more appropriate than keeping the system on Blurty. I'll make sure to post an update when the system is completely changed over.

NEW for June 1, 2004: mysid has a new story up.

NEW for April 9, 2004: mysid has a new story up. Blacks abound in this one.

NEW for April 7, 2004: Wow, look at all the updates in this past week! Rynne has a new story up. Tissue warning - you might want to get them out to read it.

NEW for April 5, 2004: Found one more place for one more pic of Akiko's. Sirius/Remus-flavored and containing a yummy collar, it can be found on my "About Me" page, linked at the top of this one.

NEW for April 4, 2004: Wow! I've been busy today. I added five stories to my HP page (four older and one brand new). I added two links to the Links and Recs page. And I got permission from the lovely Akiko to use her artwork on this site. You'll find a different picture of hers on each author page and on the main Harry Potter page, as well as a link to her wonderful art site, Autumn Breeze. So there's lots for you to look at - while you're checking out the pictures on each author page, you might as well reread some stories from each author, right? And don't forget that little "Review Here" link at the bottom of each story - it's quick and easy to review now, no emailing or passwords required.

NEW for April 2, 2004: Well, mysid wrote a second chapter to her Gaining a Son fic. It can be found here, although you'll want to reread the first part here to catch up. Better yet, just check out this page and marvel at the brilliance. Or even better, go here to look at everyone's stories, like mysid and Rynne and Hazy Fairy Tale and those of mysid's under JKLB. Oh, and there's that other girl, too. :P Happy reading!

NEW for March 29, 2004: Oh, look, I updated. *stunned silence* No, really. I have two stories up on my story page for HP. One's a few weeks old, but the other is brand spankin new. Imagine that! :)

NEW for March 27, 2004: Rynne has once again shown me up and written another story - this time a nice smutty one. It's getting to be a bad habit of hers, but if she stops, then I will be most upset. :) Everyone go read her new story here.

NEW for March 18, 2004: Rynne has written a new story! It's dark and strange, and I love it. Go check it out...and be sure to leave feedback!

NEW for March 16, 2004: Several updates today! Hazy Fairy Tale has four new short stories up, and Wandering Aimlessly is now updated all the way to chapter fourteen. I've also got a sort-of new short story on my own Harry Potter page. Be sure and review!

NEW for March 13, 2004: A new story from me...I wish. No, it's a history lesson from mysid. Want to know some famous poofs in history? Check out her new story! I also added a link to a website (down at the bottom of the links page). It's to Sam Vimes' site, Pretty Little Oojahs. You should take a look, after you read mysid's story...and read through her other stories...and look over Wandering Aimlessly by Hazy Fairy Tale...and reread all of Rynne's stuff...

NEW for March 3, 2004: Chapters Four through Seven are now updated for Hazy Fairy Tale's Wandering Aimlessly, so be sure and read the brilliance and review.

NEW for February 27, 2004: Two new stories from mysid! Yea! One is an extremely cute and funny Remus/Sirius one, and the other is a wonderful father-son one (in more than one sense). Check them both out...and make sure to give feedback!

NEW for February 26, 2004: Welcome to the newest hosted author, Hazy Fairy Tale, the author of one of the greatest Remus/Sirius series going on right now. She'll finish it, but it's still a WIP right now. She has other stories written, and they'll all be posted soon, as well as more chapters for WA. Keep a look out! :)

NEW for February 14, 2004: Happy Valentine's Day! For everyone, Rynne has got a new story to just warm your heart right up...even if you're single and miserable. Washed Away is a beautifully-written, wonderfully-descriptive short story that doesn't go beyond a G rating. All hail Rynne for this piece of art! :)

NEW for February 11, 2004: mysid's A Picture is Worth a Thousand Lies is now up. For those of you who have never read it...you are in for the treat of a lifetime. Seriously, it's wonderfully angsty and hot and brilliant.

NEW for January 24, 2004: As you can see, there is a new picture up by Velesia. It's beautiful, isn't it? Thanks to Rynne for getting her friend to allow her wonderful artwork on this little site in the first place. Be sure and email Velesia to let her know how talented she is! And thanks again to Lia Doran for making it the right size and shape that I was aiming for. Also, I've got my story up from the Veil of Possibilities challenge on the Harry Potter page.

NEW for January 22, 2004: Wow, it still feels weird being in 2004. Anyway, first updates for the new year are both from Rynne. She has a cute Christmas story done that was the result of a challenge at SBRL, and a wonderful piece set during PoA that's brand new. Review them both! Also, I updated my NSYNC page with eight more stories. Yea!

NEW for December 31, 2003: Goodbye and good riddance, year! And just in time for the turning of time, I've finished my Remus/James FQF story, called To Be Normal. Rynne's got a Christmas one coming, and both of us will have our Veil Challenge stories out, hopefully within the next few days. I've also added a few more links and recs.

NEW for December 22, 2003: Eh. Just added two links (Anna and Minx) and a story rec (When the Darkness Broke In). Anna's site is the first NSYNC slash site I've added, and for good reason. Minx is THE goddess of hot-sex-between-Remus-and-Sirius. Alfirin Kirinki does Harry/Draco and Remus/Sirius unbelievably good and original. Go check them out!

NEW for December 19, 2003: Oh, look, more stories. Again, mysid has been whipping up masterpieces while I've been sitting here sucking my thumb, crying over Finals week. Both were written for the Veil of Possibilities Challenge. Rynne and I have the school excuse for why we haven't written ours yet. Um, yeah. Go praise mysid for her two new stories.

NEW for December 16, 2003: A month since I last updated? Man. I vowed not to do that, but things got away from me, you know. Finals and all that. Anyway, I've got a new story posted (yes, *I* do), called 'Do Me One Last Favour.' Got all British with the title, but it's a short, kind of sad little piece that I thought of in a spark of inspiration. Hopefully, that same spark will light my ass to write something creative for the two challenges that are due by the end of this month. Be on the look out.

NEW for November 16, 2003: *sigh* I really, really need to get some stories done. I'm working on four right now (two are for challenges), and it's slow-going, but they WILL be out soon. The only thing I updated today, though, is that I added a link to Thistlerose's website, a place where excellent writing just floods across your screen and makes you ache with either sadness or happiness, depending on the story. Take a look; you won't regret it.

NEW for November 13, 2003: You've probably noticed-there's a new title page! Lia Doran has graciously offered to put a nice graphic together for me, using Velesia's artwork. She also made a banner out of the same image. I also added a Links and Recs page, which will constantly be updated, and an About Me page providing a few little tidbits about who I am, in case you're interested.

NEW for November 11, 2003: Rynne's page has gained two more stories. 'Operation Attraction' is one of my favorites of hers, with Sirius acting out a plan to "catch" Remus' heart. And a new story has been added, in which a young Snape meets two Black brothers, pre-Hogwarts. Check them out, and don't forget to review!

NEW for November 4, 2003: Now there's no excuse-I've made it incredibly easy to review every story you read (with exception to my NSYNC stories...eh, you can just email me, for those one or...none that happen to read them.) At the bottom of the end of every story (mine, JKLB's, Rynne's, and mysid's) there's a 'Review Here' link. I'm going on a hunch here-I don't think you have to be logged in to "post a comment", which is the page that I linked to. If someone reviews and it doesn't let you for some odd reason or another, email me, and I'll think of another way to do this. Oh...and noticing that I, being the maker of this site, have less stories than all of my hosted authors, I have come to the conclusion that I shall be writing many more stories over the next few months to catch up. *deep breath* I'm also working on a links page, an 'about me' page, and I'm trying to get the rest of my already-written NSYNC stuff up for those of you who are interested. Er...wow. Where's my Tylenol?

NEW for October 30, 2003: Rynne is being productive! An old story is up, but she also wrote a nice, hot, beautiful new story where Sirius wants anything he can get from Remus, although his list tends to get a little long.

NEW for October 20, 2003: And three MORE for Rynne. A cute Ron/Hermione one, a heart-swelling friendship one, and a NEW short called Beyond Clouded Glasses, which is a wonderful little slashy piece between a sweetly annoying Black-haired schoolboy and his half-human friend with the 'swirling, golden, bright eyes.'

NEW for October 18, 2003: Three more stories added to Rynne's page-little vignettes that delve into the mind of our favourite Potions Master. Take a look and review!

NEW for October 13, 2003: Tons of new things today...though not technically new. Rynne's page is updated with three more stories. Also, I've added JKLB's page. Chock full of stories there, including a new one. And as for my stuff...still nothing. Anyone who's waiting for more from me (anyone? Bueller? *cricket*...tumbleweeds fly past) will get more soon. VERY soon. Just...not today. Enjoy the better authors, folks. They'll more than satisfy you.

NEW for October 8, 2003: The new author's page is up, and it's Rynne, for all of you SBRL groupers out there (though not all of her stuff is Remus/Sirius). Please go check it out-it's linked on the Harry Potter page. As she sends her stuff to me, I'll post it up (for she doesn't only have three stories-there's more.) Oh, and I changed the background to a solid color, since the pretty patterned one was taking too long to load.

NEW for October 5, 2003: Eh, nothing really new-just a new background, because some people said that the text was somewhat hard to see with the old one. Too bad, too, because I liked the stars. Oh well. I've also got another author that's agreed to be hosted...the page should be up soon. And I'm working on a few new things myself, so stay tuned!

NEW for September 27, 2003: A new story by mysid is posted, called Getting Outed, a cute little 'missing scene' from GoF featuring a spot-on Harry, Malfoy, Ron, Hermione, and Sirius. Go check out mysid's other stories, too!

NEW for September 24, 2003: It's up! I finally got my act together (mostly) and managed to put together a site for all of my fiction. No new stories, but at least it's all in one place now, both old (NSYNC) and new (Harry Potter). Please feel free to take a look around. I'll get the rest of my NSYNC stories up in good time. Also, I plan to host a few more people, and I'm on the lookout for a person to let me host their artwork, so if you know anyone who's interested, send them my way, will you?