By: Rynne

This was what I love, Remus thought. This is what I want every day for the rest of my life. As long as he is with me and we are together, everything is all right.

Sirius kissed his way down Remusís chest, swiping a rough tongue along the contours of his skin. Remusís hands clenched in the strands of black hair, and he was breathing hard, but silent. There would be time for noise later, and Sirius was likely to make him howl the stars down. He always seemed to have that effect on Remus.

Siriusís hand drifted lower, lightly tracing the skin of Remusís stomach, moving down slowly to caress the bulge behind Remusís denims. Remusís hips bucked, and Sirius chuckled, a low sound in his throat, and Remus couldnít help but shudder and take in a deep breath.

ďGet on with it, will you?Ē Remus rasped out, impatient as ever to have Sirius remove those blasted denims, divest himself of his own clothing, have them fall upon each other and devour each other and fuck like animals. Remus wanted the scent of sex, of sweat and semen and Sirius all around him, wanted to roll around in it until his very pores were inundated with it. That was what he wanted.

ďPatience, Moony,Ē Sirius said lightly, still lightly stroking the bulge in Remusís trousers. Remus growled, and Sirius laughed, carefree. Sirius was laughter, and he was light reflected, and he was going to have the tables turned on him very soon if he didnít hurry the fuck up.

Still chuckling, Sirius finally unbuttoned and unzipped Remusís trousers, and slowly pulled them down away from his hips. Remus, not feeling like waiting while Sirius pulled them down the whole length of his legs, kicked the trousers off and away from him, and Sirius raised an eyebrow, grinning, before lightly tracing a finger along the vein on the underside of Remusís hard erection. Remus whined, already unconsciously unable to keep his silence, but that didnít matter right now. What mattered was watching Sirius, watching his mouth close around Remusís cock, watch him close his eyes in pleasure and enjoyment. And as Sirius licked and sucked, moving his mouth up and down the length of it, Remus couldnít stop his breathing from getting shallower, couldnít stop his skin from heating up and tingling, couldnít stop the incoherent noises from bubbling up out of his throat, and didnít even want to.

And then Siriusís mouth was gone, and Remusís eyes, which had closed of their own accord sometime during the heat and the wetness and the reality of Sirius in front of him and close to him and clutching him for balance, flew open. Sirius was in front of him still, grinning, but he still had all his clothes on and why did he still have all his clothes on? Didnít he know that sex is so much better when the clothes are somewhere else, on the floor, on the furniture, anywhere so long as they werenít stopping him from seeing the beauty that was Sirius naked?

Before Sirius knew what he was doing, and before Remus himself had the presence of mind to know what he was doing, Remus pounced, shoving Sirius back onto the bed behind his knees, and Sirius tumbled backwards with Remus on top of him.

ďTease,Ē Remus gasped out, even as his left hand was roaming up Siriusís shirt to run over his chest, and his right hand was hastily undoing the buttons of Siriusís trousers. Once that obstacle was out of the way, Remus didnít even bother with the rest of the clothes, plunging down beneath the waistband of Siriusís pants and grabbing hold of Siriusís own hard cock. Sirius groaned as Remusís left hand teased his nipples and Remusís right hand pumped his cock, but Remus found the position awkward, and removed his hands. Sirius made a choking sound and fuzzily glared up at him, but Remus just grinned and yanked Siriusís pants down so that his erection was free.

He moved quicklyóhe knew he didnít have much longer, and he didnít think Sirius did either. His hands started the rhythm again, running along the length to pause occasionally and rub the head, and by that time Sirius was just making garbled noises that Remus didnít even try to decipher, even if he wanted to think about anything else. He almost stopped in surprise when he felt Siriusís hand on his own cock, finishing the job his mouth had started, and it wasnít long before Remus threw back his head and howled as he came, spurts of semen covering Siriusís stomach. A few more hand pumps and Sirius was moaning his orgasm too, his back arching up off the bed as he came.

Later, after theyíd cleaned up the mess they made and were lying close beneath the covers, Remus smiled.