Vixenette's Harry Potter Stories

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Remember, Vixenette owns none of the Harry Potter characters. J.K. Rowling owns all things Sirius, Remus, Regulus, and every other name that you see within these stories that looks even vaguely familiar.

I also have to say thank you to Jasmine, Nadezdha, mysid, Eumenides, Llama, and Underlucius for beta'ing for me throughout my struggles in HP fanfiction writing. I would have floundered helplessly in Americanisms if it weren't for you all.

Complications (SERIES, R)~This is probably my only story with a plot. Please read, laugh at my terrible writing, and kick me in the ass a few times so that I finish this monstrosity. Oh, it's mostly about Harry - a "what if?" story that explores a son hating a father and a friend loving another friend. Started pre-OotP. WIP, Remus/Sirius

Adunatio (SERIES, NC-17)~I wouldn't bother reading this one if I were you. No one likes this story. Remus gets stuck to Sirius for a week - that's probably the lamest storyline ever, but I must redeem myself just a little by saying that I didn't come up with that plot. COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius

The Right Decision (SHORT STORY, NC-17)~I'm actually more proud of this one than of "Adunatio" - I think it flows better. Or maybe the shorter story makes for quicker reading, which also means that the reader can suffer through it faster. In this one, Sirius uses Remus to make someone else (yes, a male) jealous. Two-dimensional characters abound. COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius

Ironic (SHORT STORY, PG)~I wrote a serious fic! Go figure. Remus focuses on a memory of four boys reflecting on their futures. Tiny (okay, major) OotP spoiler. COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius

Makeovers For Sale (SHORT STORY, PG-13)~Crap title for a crap...oh, hell. So this one is about Sirius giving makeovers to the whole of the female Hogwarts population. With dollar (galleon, actually) signs in his eyes, he realizes that he could DOUBLE his growing income if he could snag the male population as well. And just who, might you ask, should be his guinea pig? Since I'm completely predictable, I'll go ahead and tell you that you were right on your guess of "Remus." Good job, slick. COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius

Brother Knows Best (SHORT STORY, R)~My first Regulus story - if you don't know who Regulus is, then I suggest you read OotP and then come read this. Or better yet, DON'T read this. It sucks. It takes up the space of one particular moment in Regulus' life. Boring, huh? COMPLETE, Regulus/Lily, James/Lily

Do Me One Last Favour (SHORT STORY, NC-17)~This is a messed up story. Seriously. What was I thinking? Was I on crack? I suppose I was, which is why I hold my track-veined arms up in response to the look you'll get after reading this thing. Someone comes to visit Remus, and it's someone that he doesn't expect at all. OotP spoilers, man. COMPLETE, slash

To Be Normal (SHORT STORY, NC-17)~Whooping in triumph, I gladly present my first (and probably only, dammit) threesome fic. It's not THAT smutty, but the smut is there underneath the sort-of plot. The three in question get sloshed one night. Guess what happens? And yes, this was written for the Remus/James FQF, so...yeah. COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius/James

Talk Your Way Home (SHORT STORY, PG-13)~Written for the Veil of Possibilities Challenge. For challenge #2.08--Sirius is a REAL Black. I have nothing smart-alecky to say except for that this is a complete and utter failure on my part to come up with something entertaining. COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius

Man of Many Surprises (SHORT STORY, PG-13)~What is it with me and crap titles? This story is terrible, but I'm leaving it up to take up the space of another story so that it looks like I write a lot. Sirius is feeling womanly depressed being stuck at Grimmauld Place. OotP spoilers, of course. COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius

Resolve (SHORT STORY, R)~This one is OKAY. Not great, but then, what is? Sirius observes something bad happening between his friends, but he's not quite catching on to what the exact problem is. There were supposed to be puns in this one - a cookie to every one that's spotted (and since I burn water, it might be a good thing that you can't find any.) COMPLETE, Remus/James

What Is Best (SHORT STORY, NC-17)~Oh, yes. This one. Hrm...Remus knows what is best for himself. There is a surprise ending for those of you who haven't read this. OotP spoilers, big time. COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius

Remus Loses His Virginity (SHORT STORY, PG-13)~*cries* This is my attempt at being funny. Title says it all, I think. Er. COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius

Being A True Slytherin (SHORT STORY, PG-13)~A Regulus story - this tells of his Sorting...and his sorting. Since he's only eleven or something in this story, there is no pairing. Sorry, dudes. I don't do chan. You should thank me. COMPLETE, no pairings

The Real Truth (SHORT STORY, PG-13)~Another Regulus story. He tries out for the Quidditch team in this one, though his reasoning is not necessarily honorable. Don't worry - MWPP is in this one as well. I can't keep them out. COMPLETE, no pairings

Memories (SHORT STORY, PG-13)~I'm kind of proud of the way I sketched this one out, so you can knock me down a few pegs if you read this and hate it. Another Regulus story - in some ways, Sirius never left. COMPLETE, no pairings

Eight Kisses (SHORT STORY, PG-13)~I don't like incest fics, but since I'm a hypocritical bastard, I wrote this one. Regulus experiences eight different kisses in his life, but the first is the one that matters the most. COMPLETE, various pairings including some Blackcest and a little bit of Remus/Sirius

Deep (SHORT STORY, R)~This one is a bit different from my other stories, because it involves self-mutilation, character death, and unrequited Remus/Sirius. Well...maybe not THAT different, then. The R is for the dark themes - no sex in this. OotP spoiler, big time. COMPLETE, unrequited Remus/Sirius

Helping Hands (SHORT STORY, NC-17)~No unrequired stuff in this one -- this is for the Remus/Sirius FQF, so of COURSE they get together in this one. Sex, more sex, and some nosy twins . . . Sirius is cursed helpfully hexed so that he is more horny than usual. Remus offers, somewhat, to help. Guess what happens? COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius

*NEW*~Friday (Ficlet, NC-17)~I wrote this a long time ago, but since I haven't updated in forever, you get an "old" update! This ficlet is ... unexpectedly cold. Mysid was very disappointed in me for writing it this way, hehe. I'm a jerk. COMPLETE, Remus/Sirius