Vixenette's NSYNC Stories

NOTES: Here is an archive of my NSYNC stories. They are all slashy, so don't bother if you hate that. All of them are interSYNC, which means that the slashy stuff only takes place between NSYNC members. Please keep in mind that while I AM proud of these stories, I did write them years ago. I will be updating this page until I get all of my stories here. Will I ever write an NSYNC fic again? Maybe. Until then, en-joey.

The Savior (SERIES, R)~an AU that takes place far into the future, when mankind is divided into two different kinds of human beings, the Enlightened Ones and the Plain Ones, and all is to fall into darkness unless Love can be found between two who are not alike. WIP, Chris/Joey

A Weekend Getaway (SERIES, NC-17)~in which the five NSYNC members get deserted on an island, and Lord of the Flies moments take over. COMPLETE, Chris/Justin, little JC/Lance, little JC/Joey

Partners in Crime (SERIES, NC-17)~in which there is much partner-swapping, confusion, and terrible writing on behalf of yours truly. WIP, too many pairings

A Light in the Darkness (SHORT STORY, R)~AU that contains a little bit of Romeo and Juliet, a little bit of Eyes of the Dragon, and a lot of angst. COMPLETE, Joey/JC

You All Live In Me (SHORT STORY, strong R)~an AU containing read that right. COMPLETE, Joey/Lance

New Job for Christmas (SHORT STORY, PG-13)~Joey decides to surprise his fellows with a little side job. COMPLETE, Joey/JC, little Chris/Lance

Rollercoaster Ride (SHORT STORY, R)~where Joey gets freaky on a ride. COMPLETE, Joey/Chris

Beacon (SHORT STORY, PG-13)~remember when that plot was unearthed about that kid that had plans to kill NSYNC?...this plays on that. COMPLETE, JC/Lance

30 Seconds (SHORT STORY, PG-13)~JC is about to jump to his death. COMPLETE, no real pairing

Beautiful Like You (SHORT STORY, R)~where JC reflects on his feelings for Chris, but it's a little too late. COMPLETE, Chris/JC

Fairy Boy (SHORT STORY, PG-13)~Joey has a little visitor. He is not amused. COMPLETE, Chris/Joey

I Like Red Popsicles (SHORT STORY, PG-13)~Joey talks to JC and Lance about the joys of gay sex. They are intrigued. For Anna. COMPLETE, Joey/JC/Lance

Love Should Be A Crime (SHORT STORY, R)~Chris concocts an almost-perfect plan to get JC. WARNING: death. COMPLETE, Chris/JC, Chris/Joey, JC/Joey

Penis Envy (SHORT STORY, R)~Chris wants to prove that he is a bigger man than Justin. COMPLETE, Chris/JC

Playmate (SHORT STORY, R)~JC haunts Joey. He wants a playmate. COMPLETE, no pairing, slashy themes

The Last Laugh (SHORT STORY, NC-17)~A sick, twisted story involving a detective, a judge, two criminals, and a guy caught in the middle. WARNINGS: non-consensual sex and death. AU, COMPLETE, Chris/JC, JC/Joey, Lance/Joey

Wake Me Up (SHORT STORY, PG-13)~JC learns from three spirits, 'A Christmas Carol'-style. COMPLETE, JC/Justin

Who's JC? (SHORT STORY, NC-17)~Chris wants to tell you a story of how he ended up with Lance. COMPLETE, Chris/JC, Chris/Lance